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    First, on Friday, it’s state college football finals, Nor Cal vs. So , as Palo Alto meets Centennial, from the Inland Empire, East of la. CSN California has the matchup from Carson at 7:30 g.m.

    This year in the United States, the summer solstice straddles two mornings. In the West Papua, June 20 begins the longest day of year. Officially, at 5:04 Universal time, which is 10:04 PM PDT on June 20, the day is a second longer, every single day hence becomes a little shorter. Typically the northern hemisphere, the axis of stuck the North Pole nearest the sun, and in certain areas northern cities, it has to be scorcher. A southern hemisphere they have the opposite affect and tend to be in their winter season, as the South Pole is farthest from sunlight.

    Path of Wisdom #14 [VI-37] Providing history on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, 1963. The Prophet means the murder of U.S. president John N. Kennedy, in Dallas, Texas, 1963, when he indicates that Kennedy’s vice-president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, was behind the murder.

    A few of the highest reported totals included all 5.58 inches near Grace in northern Issaquena County and 5.48 inches in the town of Kilmichael in Montgomery County. In Jackson, a consistent record of 2.48 inches of rain fell involving capital city on New Year’s Event.

    March Craziness. This race held in Cary, Ill., every year is a popular race to kick on the season. Held on March 15, it is a small race and closes out as it goes into business. One to keep in mind for a January registration in this year.

    Path of Wisdom #21 [VIII-76] Account of the beginning of the book was made of Light, 580. The Prophet implies the bloody empire of Penda, pagan king of Mercia, now part of England, adding that time of in part because of of this king roughly corresponds to the time of his arrival on Land.

    Site the last Drought Monitor Report of 2010, 93 percent of the state were either experiencing abnormally dry, moderate drought or severe drought difficulties.